Plugin Deals - The Ultimate List 2024

The Ultimate Audio Plugin Deals List. Includes Plugins, Samples & Audio Software.

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DealMax. SaveEnds
D16 Group Sigmund 2 Intro Sale44%04-11
Kuassa EFEKTOR Moon Muffin Intro Sale50%04-11
Sonnox Manufacturer Focus Sale83%04-11
Softube Amp Room ENGL Savage Mk II Suite Intro Sale30%04-12
MNTRA Naada Intro Sale54%04-12
Karanyi Sounds Easter Sale74%04-14
Rigid Audio Easter Sale97%04-14
Krotos Spring Sale80%04-14
Kiive Audio NFuse & Distinct Pro Intro Sale50%04-14
dSONIQ Easter Sale30%04-14
ROLI Spring Sale15%04-14
Universal Audio UAD Vocal Bundle Sale93%04-14
Niche Audio House Sale39%04-14
United Plugins FireCobra Sale50%04-14
Cherry Audio Quadra Sale43%04-14
Sugar Bytes Turnado Sale38%04-14
United Plugins Front DAW Sale68%04-15
KORG Spring Sale50%04-15
iZotope Trash Intro Sale50%04-16
Mastering The Mix Spring Sale60%04-16
Leapwing Audio Easter Sale69%04-16
NUGEN Audio Sounds Like Spring Sale25%04-17
Keepforest Spring Sale70%04-18
Have Audio Spring Sale50%04-19
PROCESS.AUDIO Easter Sale50%04-19
Native Instruments Synthesizer Bundle Sale49%04-21
UJAM Easter Crossgrade Sale + FREE iZotope Neutron 4 Elements51%04-21
Stagecraft Infinity Synth Sale50%04-21
iZotope Stutter Edit 2 $29 and Under Sale90%04-21
Venomode $29 and Under Sale52%04-21
EVAbeat Melody Sauce 2 $29 and Under Sale50%04-21
Photosounder $29 and Under Sale70%04-21
Inphonik $29 and Under Sale25%04-21
Tokyo Dawn Labs Plugin Boutique $29 and Under Sale80%04-21
Black Rooster Audio $29 and Under Sale75%04-21
Karanyi Sounds $29 and Under Sale75%04-21
Moog MoogerFooger MF-104S Analog Delay $29 & Under Sale64%04-21
MeldaProduction $29 & Under Sale60%04-21
Moog MoogerFooger Pick 4 Bundle Sale75%04-21
Baby Audio $29 and Under Sale50%04-21
Denise Audio $29 and Under Sale67%04-21
SINGOMAKERS Plugin Boutique $29 & Under Sale55%04-21
Black Salt Audio Plugin Boutique $29 & Under Sale40%04-21
Black Salt Audio Plugin Boutique $29 & Under Sale40%04-21
Audiority $29 & Under Sale50%04-21
AudioThing Plugin Boutique $29 & Under Sale50%04-21
W.A. Production $29 & Under Sale70%04-21
zplane PEEL Sale38%04-21
Caelum Audio $29 and Under Sale53%04-21
DJ Swivel $29 and Under Sale52%04-21
Plugin Boutique Core Collection $29 and Under Sale63%04-21
Plugin Boutique WaveOSC $29 and Under Sale63%04-21
MNTRA Instruments $29 and Under Sale67%04-21
Eventide $29 and Under Sale48%04-21
Auburn Sounds $29 and Under Sale41%04-21
Excite Audio $29 and Under Sale50%04-21
Jamahook Sound Assistant $29 and Under Sale50%04-21
Minimal Audio $29 and Under Sale50%04-21
Signum Audio $29 and Under Sale66%04-21
Capsule Audio $29 and Under Sale50%04-21
iZotope VocalSynth 2 $29 and Under Sale85%04-21
Toolroom INFINITE $29 & Under Sale50%04-21
Robotic Bean $29 & Under Sale40%04-21
PLUGINS THAT KNOCK $29 & Under Sale73%04-21
Leapwing Audio UltraVox $29 and Under Sale63%04-21
Lunacy BEAM Intro Sale40%04-24
BeatSkillz Rekraft Intro Sale50%04-25
Plugin Boutique StereoSavage 2 $29 and Under Sale65%04-29
Plugin Boutique Instruments $29 and Under sale 75%04-29
Two Notes Audio Engineering Spring Sale25%04-30
W.A. Production Ultimate Midi Bundle 3 Sale79%04-30
AudioThing Dub Filter Intro Sale50%04-30
W.A. Production ColorBox Intro Sale60%04-30
MAAT thEQorange Sale25%04-30
Audiority Maliki Sale50%04-30
W.A. Production InstaChord 2 + Expansions Sale73%04-30
W.A. Production Everything Bundle Sale90%04-30
W.A. Production InstaComposer 2 + Expansions Bundle Sale77%04-30
Softube Upgrades Sale61%04-30
Softube Virtual Analog Studio Sale76%04-30
Softube Clipper and Widener Intro Sale30%04-30
Softube Summit Audio Sale70%04-30
Softube Empirical Labs Sale60%04-30
Softube Tube-Tech Sale40%04-30
Softube Model Series Sale59%04-30
Softube Chandler Limited Sale70%04-30
DopeSONIX Beat Machine Sale50%04-30
Digital Brain Instruments April Sale50%04-30
Frontline Producer Blues Sale50%04-30
RawCutz Easter Sale50%04-30
Organic Loops Strings Sale50%04-30
Caelum Audio Sample Packs Sale72%04-30
STRIX Instruments PRIPYAT Pianos Sale90%04-30
Acoustica Mixcraft Intro Sale26%04-30
Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Spring Sale 92%04-30
Cherry Audio April Sale92%04-30
Karanyi Sounds Polyscape Nova Intro Sale20%04-30
Devious Machines Spring Sale25%04-30
Tone Empire $29 & Under Sale70%04-30
Softube Spring Sale70%04-30
Softube Monoment Bass & Statement Lead Bundle Sale70%04-30
Universal Audio Verve Analog Machines Intro Sale100%04-30
Rob Papen BIT-2 Sale30%04-30
Sonora Cinematic Spring Sale50%04-30
Universal Audio UAD Essentials Edition Upgrade Sale83%04-30
Kuassa 14th Anniversary Sale50%05-01
KV331 Spring Sale61%05-01
Kuassa 14th Anniversary Sale52%05-01
The Tone Foundry April Sale82%05-03
sonible pure:mask Intro Sale 61%05-05
D16 Group April Sale40%04-21
Audio Damage PhaseThree Sale61%04-14
Soundiron Requiem Light Symphonic Choir Sale25%04-21
Sampleson $29 & Under Sale50%04-21
Audified Boutique Studio Bundle & IronVerb Sale43%04-21
Tone Empire Loc-Ness 2 Sale63%04-14
BeatSkillz BollyX Sale74%04-14
Resonance Sound CFA-Sound Massive Future Bass Presets Sale70%04-14
Loopcloud PLAY $29 and Under Sale63%04-21
MeldaProduction MPowerSynth MCompare MTransformer MChorusMB Eternal Madness Sale50%04-14
Ramzoid 808 Cooker $29 & Under Sale27%04-22
United Plugins UniChannel Sale50%04-21
BeatSkillz $29 & Under Sale81%04-22
Surreal Machines $29 & Under Sale57%04-21
Loopmasters KHORDS & Bass Master $29 and Under Sale75%04-21
Plugin Boutique Presets April Sale73%04-30
Iceberg Audio $29 & Under Sale50%04-22
DHPlugins CYBERFUNK HALO-2 Expansion Intro Sale16%04-22
Audio Blast $29 & Under Sale70%04-21
DHPlugins $29 & Under Sale48%04-22
Triple A Audio Folk Noir: Qanun Intro Sale20%04-19
W.A. Production All In One: InstaComposer 2 Intro Sale75%04-30
u-he Hive 2 + FREE Synthwave Expansion Sale10%04-30
u-he Diva + Free Expansion Sale10%04-30
iZotope Repair RX 11 Pre-Sale62%05-14
AIR Music Technology Spring Sale40%04-30
AKAI Spring Sale54%04-30
Harrison Consoles Legacy EQ Intro Sale77%04-17
BFD Spring Sale50%04-30
AAS Chromaphone 3 Exodus Sound Bank Intro Sale50%04-22
Excite Audio Bloom Bass Impulse Intro Sale40%05-11
Sound Particles Spring Black Friday Sale50%04-16
Rigid Audio Kontakt GUI Maker Intro Sale25%04-30
Karanyi Sounds April Sale82%04-30
Plugin Boutique $29 Bundle Sale95%04-30
Output Spring Sale50%05-30
Cinesamples Musio 1 Flash Sale 50%04-12
Cinesamples Spring Sale35%04-30
Zynaptiq WORMHOLE Sale34%04-16
BLEASS $29 & Under Sale40%04-21
UJAM April Sale84%04-24
Glitchmachines Plugins $29 and Under Sale91%04-21
UJAM Usynth 3 for $39 Bundle83%04-30
Soundiron Hyperion Strings Ensemble Intro Sale18%04-25
Big Fish Audio Spring Sale30%04-24
Soundiron Sonespheres - Limitless Intro Sale16%04-24
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