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WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite

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The Product CSV Import Suite extension for WooCommerce allows you to mass import and export thousands of products and product variations. UNLIMITED WEBSITES.

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Version: 1.10.38

Save time by importing and exporting complex products

Product CSV Import Suite allows you to import products with custom taxonomies and has out-of-the-box support for popular, unique product types, making it easier to upload and manage your product catalog.

Update products with custom taxonomies

WooCommerce comes with the option to add information such as categories or attributes to a product. Some extensions add a place for unique types of information, e.g.,   WooCommerce Brands adds a ‘Brand’ you can include for a product.

Product CSV Import Suite provides support for these types of custom taxonomies, making it possible to import all the product data you need.

Manage unique product types with ease

The bread and butter of WooCommerce is allowing you to sell anything . Product CSV Import Suite supports the most popular and unique types of products sold with WooCommerce, including:

  • Subscriptions
  • Composite Products
  • Product Bundles
  • Bookings
  • Photography
  • Product Vendors

Additional technical details

Product CSV Import Suite provides the ability to:

  • Import text based product data: Import or export any standard product data, including price, description, images, categories and more.
  • Import custom fields: Include data like (meta), taxonomies, attributes and more in your imports.
  • Import product variations: Add variations of products to your store. Requires 2 separate CSVs.
  • Merge products: Add more information to existing products.
  • Update stock on a relative basis: Include ‘+5’ to update the stock of a product to 5 more than what it currently has.
  • Support data added by product type extensions: This includes Subscriptions, Composite Products, Product Bundles, Bookings, Photography and Product Vendors.
  • Support Google Product Feed